Glad I’m Not an Alabama Abuse Victim

I’m sure glad I’m not an abuse victim anywhere but especially in Alabama. The response from Trump, Republicans, and Evangelicals is scary. Evangelicals were against moral relativism in the past. That was their “thing.” Republicans were the party of “family values” whatever that means. Not anymore! If you’re anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights, and twice kicked off the Bench for not following the law. You can pick up teen girls at the mall and it’s completely ok. Better to have a pedophile than a Democrat.

Moore’s Evangelical support went up almost 40% AFTER THE SEXUAL PREDATOR ALLEGATIONS. The comparing of victims to the teenage Virgin Mary, and equating Moore with Joseph the “adult” carpenter is repugnant. I highly doubt any of the victims feel like the Virgin Mary! Evangelical moral relativism at its finest! Thanks to Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr who sold their soul to the devil years ago! Instead of Evangelicals reaching out to help the victims, which is what Jesus would do. Moore’s victims receive death threats instead of supporting and concerned calls asking how to help them. Franklin Graham summed it up in a tweet, “I’m praying for Roy Moore and his family.” No concern for Moore’s abuse victims.

Trump’s just as guilty but that is no surprise. Everyone knows Trump’s the master of lies. Trump’s Access Hollywood tape said its ok to “grab them by the p*ssy because your famous and they let you do it.” What is Trump’s response to Roy Moore? Trump said, “We don’t need a liberal democrat in the Senate.” But a pedophile is fine!

What a crazy world we live in! I’m so glad that I’ve never been sexually abused! But especially glad I don’t live in Alabama because no one would believe me!

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