Hydro One Attacks the Vulnerable

Hydro One plans to introduce prepaid meters. They concealed it in 2 paragraphs of a 4000-page document. Probably expecting no one would see it. Too bad, some people actually read more than 140 characters and found it. Why try to sneak the prepaid meters into the Bill? What is the purpose of prepaid meters? Luckily, in those 2 paragraphs, Hydro One tells us! Its to cut off electricity from past due accounts and make them pay to use.

The Liberal Government and Hydro One attack poor people (again) with this unfair policy. The policy affects only poor people. Period. What happens if a delinquent account needs the power to do their work to pay their bills? In our present time, who doesn’t need the power to work! How are they ever supposed to pay their bill?

Hydro One just upgraded to smart meters over the past few years. Costing an enormous amount of money to ratepayers. Why spend the money for prepaid meters? The cost to upgrade to smart meters added to everyone’s hydro bill. Now, Hydro One wants to upgrade to prepaid meters. Prepaid meters were rejected in other countries such as the UK. Why? Because they attack the most vulnerable in society. We need to reject prepaid meters in Ontario. Save the money by reducing people’s hydro bills instead of spending the money on prepaid meters. Hydro One needs to start putting forward ideas for reducing hydro bills not increasing them.

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