Hitler Germany November 12 1933

America has dropped out of several parts of the UN already.

This speech by the USA Ambassador to the UN should set off alarm bells across the world. Hitler felt the League of Nations wasn’t helping Germany. In 1933, Hitler dropped out of the League of Nations! Which led to WW2, concentration camps, demonizing minorities, etc

Complacency is no longer an option. Global leaders need to press to remove Trump and contain his autocratic regime. It’s time to sanction the USA.

It’s time for Canada to walk away from NAFTA talks and put massive tariffs on American Products and Services. A 74% of Canadian economists believe Canada is better off dropping NAFTA. We have a massive trade deficit with the USA. Let’s bring those jobs back to Canada and let the USA tank economically. We no longer need the USA. It’s less than 15% of our total trade. It will take several years to replace that 15% with other countries but with our EU starting and TPP. Canada will be fine.

The only world leaders Trump praises are autocratic dictators!

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