2017 “Year of the Lie”

This past year is the “Year of the Lie.” The truth is no longer relevant to 35% of the USA population. What matters are Trump’s tweets. They have become the barometer of truth for Trump Supporters. Trump’s Twitter account became the “newspaper of record” instead of the “failing New York Times.”

It’s a shame the mainstream media didn’t take Trump seriously back when he started his Presidential campaign in 2015. From the birtherism, Mexicans are “rapists and murders,” and countries sending “the worst of the worst.” There were plenty of stories to reduce his credibility as a Presidential candidate.

Once elected, Trump’s lies started right away with the biggest Electoral College win ever and won the popular vote because of millions of fraudulent voters. There have been 31 people charged with voter fraud and 12 convicted IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE USA! But the media gave Trump a pass on both of those election night lies. Inauguration size was next. It was the biggest Inauguration ever. Total lie!

The Republicans continually overlook Trump’s toddler-like behavior. Just when we think the bar can’t be lowered any more. Trump finds a way to do it. The GOP finds a way to explain it away. Whether it’s attacking the FBI, Mueller, Amazon, Intelligence Agencies, Media, NFL, Hillary, and on it goes…

Trump’s 2017 lies went at an astounding pace of more than 3 fact checkable lies per day. Trump loves to attack the “fake news” and his blowhard, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, continues his lies from the White House podium each afternoon. Sarah should be nominated for the Worst Mother of the Year. The example she sets for her children about telling the truth sinks to a new low around 3 pm EST each weekday (and sometimes on the weekend). Each evening, Fox News finds some way to make the lies turn into “news” by parading on Republicans willing to sell their soul to kiss Trump’s ring.

As the New Year begins. It promises to be another year of #fakenews from the White House. There is a glimmer of hope for 2018. This year will be the “Year of Truth.” Trump can’t lie about the 2018 mid-term election in November. His approval rating is worse than any President ever. Nixon had a higher approval rating even after Watergate. The Blue Wave is coming and Trump can do nothing to stop it. The DNC has set a record for the number of candidates who’ve raised more than $5K at this point before an election. Democrats have 209 candidates who’ve raised the $5K versus only 28 Republicans. 2018 is setting up to be the biggest election victory ever!

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