Hardworking, Low Unemployment, Low Crime — DEPORT THEM

Who am I talking about? American citizens? No. I’m talking about legal immigrants from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Haiti. There are 265K people under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Visas not including their American born children. Trump wants to kick them out. Back to countries that are still dangerous places.

What’s TPS? It is a type of visa issued to people whose country is unstable and dangerous. It can be from environmental such as earthquakes or social such as dictators or gang warfare.

What’s changed? Nothing except the President and Stephen Miller. Stephen is behind the anti-immigration policies of the Trump Administration. His childhood Rabbi apologized to the world for Stephen a few months ago. It is ironic a Jewish person is creating anti-immigrant policies. I guess Miller hasn’t read anything other than Hitler’s Mein Kampf and ignored reading about the holocaust. Hitler’s book became a 2016 bestseller. Hitler is back from the dead! Thank you, Trump and Miller!

There’s one big problem with revoking TPS Visas. Everyone under the program who has kids are not old enough to be an adult. This means more than 265K being deported. A rough estimate is around 190K children. Who will leave their 6-year-old in the USA to look after themselves? The 265K legal immigrants have lower unemployment and crime than natural born Americans. They’ve built an American life with homes, cars, jobs, and vacations. This deportation will have a massive impact on the American economy.

Trump ran on jobs, immigration, and eliminating massive deficits. The problem is those 3 issues are intertwined. If you deport the TPS families, they will leave tax paying jobs, selling their homes and cars. The result is the loss of tax revenue, flatlining home prices, and flooding the used car market. All of these results will negatively affect the economy.
So “Stable Genius” Trump, what’s your solution?

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