The End is Nigh: Trump’s Neocon National Security Team


Donald Trump’s new National Security Team should not be in the White House but in jail.

Obama pardoned everyone involved in falsifying the Weapons of Mass Destruction documents and other war crimes such as Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (Gina Haspel’s specialty).

The Neocon Trinity of Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel, and John Bolton sends shivers around the world.

Especially for those remembering the disastrous Bush foreign policies who this Trinity created and implemented.

Mike Pompeo – Secretary of State

The least scary of these Neocons is Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo is the best of the worst.

The primary role of the Secretary of State is diplomacy. Of which, Pompeo has next to no experience.

Not surprisingly, over 200 ambassadors and diplomats sent letters to Pompeo’s confirmation committee urging intense questioning of how he would run the State Department.

When asked about the ongoing North Korea negotiations on Fox News Sunday.

Pompeo said, “While these negotiations are going on, there will be no concessions made.”

Not exactly the words of a diplomat.

Diplomacy is the art of compromise.

Pompeo fits well in the Trump “America First” Administration!

Gina Haspel – CIA Director

Haspel’s nickname is “Bloody Gina.”

She is not a Sopranos mobster but the CIA Director nominee.

In Thailand, Haspel operated a “black site” torture jail and covered it up by destroying the videotapes.

The person who destroyed the videos on her orders went to jail and Haspel becomes the CIA Director.

Sounds fair.

Haspel waterboarded one prisoner 183 times.

Colleagues said she loved to torture and “got off” on it.

Waterboarding is a criminal offence at the International Criminal Court.

Haspel has an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Germany for torture.

The warrant prohibits her from travelling to the European Union.

When picking a CIA Director, not having an outstanding torture warrant should prevent your nomination.

But for Trump, torture warrant puts you at the front of the line!

She looks like a soccer mom but is pure evil!

John Bolton – National Security Adviser

Bolton is a card-carrying member of the Alt-Right.

He calls himself an American Nationalist and he is an outright crazy nut job.

Even conservatives have strong reservations about Bolton.

Bolton wrote stories about “no-go zones” in Europe that have Sharia law.

There is no proof of any such “zones.”

Bolton wrote the Forward to Pam Geller’s book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.

Pam co-founded a White Nationalist/Alt-Right “think tank.”

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) is known as the Stop Islamization of America.

The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the AFDI as an anti-Muslim hate group.

Bolton lacks any consideration of international law, treaties, or commitments of former administrations.

To this day, Bolton still does not admit the Iraq War was a mistake.

Bolton threatened a diplomat’s kids if he did not support the Iraq War.

Can someone be that bloodthirsty to threaten someone’s children?

Yes, and his name is John Bolton.

When “mid-level” advisers gave research that did not support Bolton’s push for war.

He had demoted and removed.

Sending a warning signal to all the other advisers.

That’s cherry picking at best!

A conspiracy nut job with no concern for reality at worst!

Recently, Bolton said he wants “regime” change in Iran, Syria, and North Korea before 2019.

The only way to carry out that goal is with war.

Bolton is a major supporter of Israel.

He wants to remake the Middle East for the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

A truly scary neocon!

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