Canadian Conservatives: A Special Interest Group


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Canadian conservatives are a minority making them a special interest group. A charge frequently laid at the feet of progressives.

In Canada, progressives outnumber conservatives by almost a 2 to 1 margin. Only 35% of Canadians consider themselves conservative. In contrast, 60% of Canadians identify as progressives with 5% undecided.

Looking at what conservatives believe compared to the majority of Canadians shows their special interest group status.

To start, as the Salt-N-Pepa song said, “Let’s talk about sex.”

Generally speaking, conservatives do not want sex taught in the classroom. In Ontario, the recent PC Party leadership race had sex ed activist Tanya Granic Allen. She wants the entire Ontario sex ed curriculum gone. Tayna objects to condom use due to her Catholic beliefs. She opposed condoms put on cucumbers, bananas, and an anatomically correct penis used in medical schools. Tayna called the medical penis a “sex toy.” I can only imagine the interesting dinner table discussions across the province.

If Tayna gets her way and Doug Ford supports throwing out the sex ed curriculum. Teen pregnancy will rise alongside increases in STI and HIV cases. All because of a theocrat wanting to push her beliefs on all of society. Canada is not a theocracy. Never was and never will be. Why should all Canadians live under a mendacious supernatural dictatorship believed by the minority?

With the rise of teen pregnancy, an accompanying increase in abortion decisions. According to a 2017 Ipsos abortion poll, 77% of Canadians are pro-choice. Even 1 in 4 Canadians does not support the pro-life movement. So, why are the minority trying to push their beliefs on the majority?

The top 1% are a special interest group. Tax cuts and tax credits disproportionately favour the Rich. It is laughable when conservatives think tax cuts and tax credits help everyone. If you have not made money, you do not have money to be taxed or to spend to get back with the tax credit. Take daycare in the Ontario Provincial Election 2018. The NDP announced $12 a day daycare. The PCs have announced a $6000 tax credit. Unless you have earned the $6000, you cannot spend it and get the money back on your taxes. The $6000 tax credit is useless.

In the Ontario Election, Doug Ford wants to freeze the minimum wage increase. Since the minimum wage went up in January 2018, unemployment went down and so did food bank usage.

The progressive majority should not be held hostage by the conservative minority!

Conservatives are a special interest group!

I’ll pass on the tyranny of the minority!

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