Creation Scientists?


7-Day Creation


Young Earth Creationism

Old Earth Creationism

Divine Creation

Creation Science

Theistic Evolution

Evolutionary Creationism


Intelligent Design

The preceding list attempts to describe how the earth began based on the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis 1.

Ever since Charles Darwin posited his evolutionary theory, Christians scrambled to explain Creationism using many different terms and ideas. Their goal was to prove Genesis 1 correct and evolution a satanic plot to trick people. The trick is on Christians. No matter what you call Creationism, it is a myth debunked a million times over.

Fake scientists with Creationism PhDs from unaccredited Bible Colleges spew irrational theories as proof. At best, it is a funny Saturday Night Live skit. At worst, they lie and confuse children. Hindering learning for the rest of their life because if anything contradicts Creationism, it cannot be true. Some wake up and realise the crap these Creationists peddled to them. Unfortunately, many do not.


Creation “scientists” have pseudoscientific beliefs. These fake scientists must contradict basic chemistry, biology, physics, and botany. To make themselves sound intelligent, they “specialise” in distinct parts of the creation myth.

The pseudoscientific specialities include creation science, flood geology, and intelligent design with further subsets of pseudoarchaeology, pseudohistory, and pseudolinguistics. The pseudo archaeologists attack carbon dating because it is the most damaging to creationism. The pseudo historians attempt to prove parts of the bible such as the Exodus from Egypt which real historians know never happened. Real archaeologists cannot find any proof of an Exodus either. Christians must prove the Exodus because without it, there are no ten commandments that are the basis of Christian morality. Finally, the pseudo linguistics contradict everything we know about the discovery and dissemination of languages. People did not walk up to the tower of babel and magically learn a new language. Entertaining such a thought is absurd!

The most concerning part of this Creationism boondoggle is the idea of Intelligent Design. In an intelligently designed world, why does everything die? Flawed Design is a better name!

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