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An alt-right commentator could run one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse cities on the planet.

The attention-seeking white nationalist Faith Goldy wants to be Toronto’s Mayor.

Do not worry; she will not win!

Two Nazi candidates will split the fascist vote with her.

Fresh off her July 25th (2018) video claiming the Danforth Shooter was ISIS, and all the Canadian media lied about it. She announced her candidacy. (video link

A pro-gun candidate is doomed when the prevailing political winds want all handguns banned.

Faith’s short-lived media career resembles a pinball machine: The Catholic Register, Toronto Sun, TheBlaze, Bell Media, Zoomer Media, National Post, Sun News Network, and Rebel Media.

Who says there are no jobs in journalism? Faith had 8!

Getting fired from the far-right Rebel Media took a lot of work.

How did Faith do it?

Faith participated in the 2017 Unite the Right White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville and appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast connected to the white supremacist Daily Stormer website.

Why did Faith go to Charlottesville?

Goldy opposed the removal of Confederate statues.

Faith is Canadian, and the Confederate statues are American.

Minor detail!

She claimed the replacement of the statues should not happen “because white people are being replaced.”

This idea ties into her “white genocide” conspiracy theory; white people are systematically being removed and replaced by the government.

Several corporate sponsors of Rebel Media left after Goldy’s “White Genocide in Canada?” show.

Faith “analyzed” the Canadian immigration policies and the demographic impact to Canadian society.

She argued Canada should only let in white Europeans.

The mayoral candidacy is another publicity stunt.

Goldy knows she cannot win.

The Canadian government’s immigration policy makes it demographically impossible!


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