Meghan McCain’s Democratic Socialism Meltdown

Joy and Meghan Meltdown

Democratic Socialism = Meghan McCain’s Nightmare

Inside the Democratic Party, a movement is stirring.

In Primaries, the corporate bought Democrats are losing to the democratic socialists.

The beginnings of the movement inside the Democratic Party started with populist Bernie Sanders challenging Hilary Clinton in the Presidential Primary.

The young rising star is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is intelligent, eloquent, and animated.

Alexandria appeared on The View TV show to promote her political campaign.

During the next episode, Meghan McCain (Republican Senator John McCain’s daughter) melted down comparing her to Venezuela. Ignoring the massive economic sanctions America imposed.

Meghan claimed everyone pays a 90% income tax under socialism.

Does she know anything about Progressive Taxation?

The tax rate increases only after a certain income level.

For example, the first $20K earned pays 10% tax.

You pay $2K.

The next $20K ($40K Total) earned pays 15%.

You pay $3K for next $20K.

You would not pay 90% on all the income.

Not a single country on the planet has a 90% income tax.

Pure scaremongering by McCain.

Meghan’s ignorance on the basics of taxation negates her tax opinions.

She does not understand taxes.

The thought of democratic socialism petrifies Meghan.

What is so horrible about socialism?

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