Rebel Media: The Alt-Right Windbags

Ezra Banned Me Square

I have lost my only source of unbiased news coverage! Rebel Media co-founder Ezra Levant blocked me on Twitter. Ezra continually hammers the “mainstream media” for censorship. However, Ezra is preventing me from learning the truth from Rebel. Now, where can I get the truth? Not from the CBC or Toronto Star or Globe and Mail. They are all corrupt and lying to me! How am I going to find out every shooting by a non-white person is ISIS? Oh wait, I still have the Sun newspapers! Phew! Close one!

“Levant, of course, is an entertainer, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except too many people thought he was a journalist” Toronto Star

In 2015, Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley founded Rebel Media when Sun News Network shutdown from poor ratings. So, these two geniuses created an online network further to the right than the Sun. Who knew that was even possible? Using American Breitbart as their business model, Rebel is entirely online with no content on radio, television, or print.


Rebel is Alt-Right. Rebel’s ideology stems from a distrust of traditional media. It is a charge they defend by saying they are “conservative.” They spread conspiracy theories over facts. I am impressed with Ezra’s ability to create a new conspiracy theory each day. All Muslims are the enemy trying to destroy Western culture and create caliphates. This Counter-Jihad ideology is thinly veiled racism! Watching their YouTube videos, it is hard to understand how anyone believes them. Most could easily be a Saturday Night Live skit. The “globalist elites” lie to you and Rebel is the “truth.” Ezra must say the “globalist elites” at least ten times in every video.

Ezra Levant Danforth Shooting Trudeau

It is difficult to tell the size and influence of Rebel Media. Being a private company, they are not required to divulge any financial information. In 2017, Rebel lost several of its big stars such as Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern, and Gavin McInnes. Rebel YouTube videos get thousands of views, but former star Lauren Southern generates more views. The annual Rebel Media Live Conference had 900 people in 2017. Attendance dropped to 200 in 2018.

Ezra blocked me. But luckily, I can still go to the Rebel Media website!

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