Trump Baby’s UK Visit: A Reflection


A few days removed from Trump’s insane UK trip after record crowds protested the world’s number one xenophobe. What did Trump accomplish? If degrading a close ally with ad hominem attacks is considered an accomplishment. Trump gets an A!

Over 100,000 protestors in the streets of London greeted Trump’s arrival; some estimated up to 250,000 protestors. Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim Mayor, allowed the Trump Baby Balloon to fly. Trump’s sad because he felt the Brits did not want his visit. He’s right; they did not. Recently, I arrived back from London and only met one person who had something moderately complimentary to describe Trump. In typical Trump, he attacked Sadiq for not standing up to terrorists and blamed him for all the London terror attacks. Does Trump think Sadiq is 007 and could foil the terrorist attacks by himself? Of course, Sadiq’s accountable for the crime increase in London. Oh, wait, London crime at an almost all-time low! Just one of many Trump lies.


Before meeting PM Theresa May, the Sun newspaper (a conservative British tabloid) interviewed Trump. During the chaotic interview, Trump described her as a “bossy schoolteacher.” He discussed preferring Putin over May and other traditional American allies. Trump praised Boris Johnson and suggested he would make a “great Prime Minister.” Just days after Boris resigned as the Foreign Secretary. Trump blamed EU leaders for the “Muslim migrant problem.” Completely ignored the migrants escaped from middle eastern countries America bombed into oblivion. One positive came out of the Sun interview, Trump’s excitement of Melania and the Queen meeting. The rest of the Royal Family shunned Trump’s visit!

Trump told PM May “how to do Brexit, but she didn’t listen to me.” Several days later, PM May stated publicly Trump’s advice, which consisted of using New York lawyers to sue the European Union. Great advice considering NY lawyers do not have valid licenses in the EU or UK!

The UK can rest now. The Orange Buffoon is back in his xenophobic White House!

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