Democratic Socialism: A Primer

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“The principle that adequate health care should be provided for all, regardless of ability to pay, must be the foundation of any arrangements for financing the Health Service.” Margaret Thatcher (Conservative UK Prime Minister 1979–1990)

Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher believed in publicly funded healthcare without user fees. If you were sick, you went to the doctor or hospital which is in stark contrast to PM May’s Conservative government who are privatising parts of the NHS and want to introduce user fees.

Social inequalities arise from uneven resource distribution. The modern-day Conservatives are destroying the social programs necessary for an equitable society. Younger people see what is happening with the massive tuition fees, longer wait times, unaffordable housing, and both their working parents struggling to put food on the table. A better world is possible. It’s called Socialism.

What is Socialism?

Socialism is the idea that the State provides all the necessary services free of charge to its population. No cost for healthcare, pharmacare, dentistry, optometry, water, electricity, education, modern infrastructure, retirement homes, low-income housing, and more.

How can the State provide all these services? A progressive tax system with no loopholes for wealthy individuals and corporations. Conservatives argue socialism is an unaffordable and unsustainable way to operate a government.

Conservatives believe privatised services are better than public services. When a Conservative says privatised is better, ask them how much fun they had the last time they called their bank or mobile phone company.

The government already provides services to its citizens such as police, military, infrastructure, education, healthcare, refuse collection, and more. But, it is underfunded and inadequate.

Capitalism isnt Working


No one in a first world country should be rough sleeping. Social housing is required to aid rough sleepers to get off the street and train for jobs. Housing is a human right and not a luxury. Of course, some people will live in houses more luxurious than others. The Conservatives have underfunded council housing leaving an inadequate amount of homes to live in, which drives up house prices and rent.

Education and Job Training

For socialism to work, there needs to be free schools and universities with proper levels of funding. Not everyone will be able to go to university, nor will all jobs require a university degree. Our rapidly changing world needs a safety net to retrain people for new careers as present careers become obsolete. For non-university students, a comprehensive apprenticeship training program will provide good middle-class jobs. Finally, children cannot learn when they are hungry. Living in a damp and cold home is not conducive to learning. Fully funding housing, healthcare, and education go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the others.

Justice System

The justice system needs comprehensive reform. An immediate phase-out of private jails and slave wage labour. All personal use illegal drug convictions should be suspended, and the inmates put into drug treatment programs. All illicit drugs decriminalised for personal use. Create drug courts where the purpose is drug rehabilitation and integration back into society. This policy will save millions of pounds per year. The money better spent on priority areas such as healthcare.


The immigration system’s future is unclear. Brexit is causing havoc for the future of both high-skilled and low-skilled immigration. The UK needs to allow a wide range of individuals access. The future economy requires both high-skilled and low-skilled jobs. The highly skilled engineer needs someone to clean the office and bathrooms. The Far Right believes in a “Muslim problem.” The misconception of immigrants through a mass education program is required to prevent the misinformation propagated by the Far Right.

Campaign Finance

Campaign finance reform to prevent massive donations which unduly affect elections. There codification before the next election. As a socialist government starts to enact their policies, the wealthy will try to buy public support through political advertising and the corrupt right-wing media that dominates the UK.

For the Many Not the Few Labour Party


The transition to a green economy creates good middle-class jobs. Scientists, engineers, and tradespeople are needed to make the transition to a low carbon energy system. Ignoring climate change is no longer an option; it is a significant threat to civilisation.


A stable fully funded NHS is required. Good full-time medical jobs instead of the private medical staffing companies. All privatised medical services contracts will lapse and be brought back under the government’s control. No proof privatised services are of higher quality than government run. Both paid family sick leave and maternity leave are needed.


The Conservatives have not spent enough money to maintain the country’s infrastructure. A socialist government would fix the crumbling infrastructure and modernise it. Once again, creating good middle-class jobs.


The UK spends an enormous amount of money on helping American Imperial aggression. Socialists do not defund the military. They scale back the spending and concentrate on securing the UK’s borders. Not bombing Yemen weddings and school buses. The UK must reject authoritarian governance such as Trump and focus on peacekeeping, not Imperialism.


Socialists advocate for the welfare state because it levels the playing field to provide equal opportunity for the many and not the few! Socialism does not mean a similar outcome just an equal chance to succeed. It creates the opportunity for a true meritocracy.

Being a socialist is an ethical decision. You either believe everyone is equal and has fundamental human rights or you are a Conservative. LOL

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