How Taxation Works

Conservative Conference 2018 Three Stooges

I cannot believe I have to write this article.

Repeatedly, Conservative politicians say tax increases would eat all a company’s profit.
Tax increases would force them into bankruptcy.


Companies are taxed on their PROFITS NOT THEIR REVENUES!

Companies pay more tax on their profits which reduces money paid to owners and shareholders.

The owners and shareholders making less money will not force them into bankruptcy.

It just means one less yacht, but someone else will not be sleeping on the street.

The extra tax revenue allows the government to finance more public services such as infrastructure, affordable housing, healthcare, social programs and more.

Yes, this is wealth redistribution to the society which educated and gave healthy workers to the company.

The tax revenue aids people who cannot work for physical or mental health reasons.

Everyone in a first world country should have adequate housing, healthcare, and social programs.

Both Social Democrats and Socialists believe in a well-financed government to provide services to their citizens.

Increasingly, Conservative governments want deep cuts to social services to finance their massive tax cuts to the rich who don’t need it!

Once again, I ask.

How do Conservative politicians not know how taxation works?

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