Understanding Your Conservative SNOWFLAKE Family


Most of your conservative family are SNOWFLAKES!

Once mildly challenged, they will melt like Frosty the Snowman in Miami and walk away (or straight-up leave depending on their maturity level).

Factual accounts of reality hurt their delicate feelings.

CONs cannot cope. They need a safe space where no one can disagree with them.

CONs do not know how to respond to social and political discussions without being racist, sexist, or anti-LGBTQ.

In the words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth.”

The “truth” puts a CON into the fetal position.


Compassion Towards the Poor

CONs have a hard-time around decent, compassionate people.

A recent study showed CONs brains viewed rough sleepers (homeless) as animals and not fellow human beings. Explains why CONs do not want to help the poor.

CONs do not want their “hard earned money” spent on people who will not help themselves. It would take another column to explain the mindset and fallacies or look at a conservative’s twitter stream. But for now, the CONs despise poor people and refuse to help them.


CONs blame immigrants and the poor for everything wrong in the world. The immigrants are all on welfare draining the system.

In another of my articles, a Canadian immigrant commented that he thinks Canada should not allow any immigration. Not sure how he deals with the cognitive dissonance!

Forget facts such as immigrants have lower crime rates and unemployment. This statistic is universal across first world countries.

The problem could not be the right-wing capitalists squeezing every dollar out of the working class to pay for their holiday homes!



Some CONs go to church on Sunday morning where a pastor tells them how great they are standing up against those evil liberals.

Only one major problem: Jesus would not be welcome at their churches!

Jesus was Palestinian (brown skin colour), homeless, and an anarchist. He believed in universal health care and wealth redistribution. The government tortured and executed Jesus for crimes against the state.

Knowing the historical Jesus and what he believed, would Jesus be a conservative?


The CONs want government out of their life. However, it is acceptable to force a woman to keep a fetus; they do not want to take to term.


The CONs have their passive income taxed at a lower rate than the working classes active income. CONs sit on their butts and make money. The working class works their butts off, so the CONs can sit on their butts!

The CONs are taxed at a lower rate because it is Capital Gains. While the working class pays a higher tax on their active income that required them to trade their time for money. The CONs sit around taking the profits of the working class and pay less tax on the money (if at all).

CONs are the lazy people, not the working class.


CONs want to privatise every government service. Why miss out on profiting from essential services everyone uses? It is a guaranteed market.

In the UK, over the past decade water bills rose 40% faster than inflation.

In Ontario (Canada), electricity bills went up 40% faster than inflation.

We see this happening across the globe.

Essential services such as healthcare, water, heating, electricity, infrastructure, education, and transit should stay public.

Take what the CONs earn in dividends to pay for their undeserved lavish lifestyles and reinvest the money into the essential services to make them better.


The good news is the CONs have a demographics problem.

They are dying off faster than being replaced.

They will never completely disappear.

However, their role in the civilised world will continue to decline!

Now that is some Christmas Cheer!

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