A “Living Wage”


Jennifer, a restaurant server, working her minimum wage job can barely pay the bills. Some months, not all the bills get paid. She lives paycheque to paycheque. If she gets sick, she does not work or get paid.

Inequality between the rich and poor sits at an all-time high. The working poor rack up debt they can never pay back as more of their income services the debt. Fortunately, activists fight for better wealth distribution.

Across the industrialised world, a growing movement develops for a “living wage.” We see America’s Poor People’s Campaign, Ontario’s Fight for $15, and the UK’s Living Wage Foundation. Several European countries stipulate the CEO cannot earn higher than X times the lowest paid worker.

The rich keep multiplying their wealth. The poor keep multiplying their poverty.

The wealthy oligarchs funnel money into banks and think tanks to produce false reports about the loss of jobs if the minimum wage increases. The scaremongering falls flat against the evidence. A “living wage” is both practical, attainable, and financially sound.

Amazingly, the world did not fall apart in countries with better wealth distribution. The ground shifts beneath the oligarch’s feet, and only a matter of time before they tumble.

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