Modern Authoritarianism Part 1


Across the planet, new modern authoritarian regimes are on the rise. The Philippines, North Korea, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and America top the list. Rodrigo Duterte, Kim Jong-un, Viktor Orbán, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), Jair Bolsonaro, and Donald Trump secured immense control over their populations.

These authoritarian regimes operate by the rule of the few in the name of the many. Give up your civil liberties, and these authoritarians will give you a better life. At least on paper, the reality is significantly different. The only way for Authoritarian regimes to succeed is a big repressive apparatus for the domestic population. Money and natural resources are crucial to repressing the people.

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Cashflow is vital for these regimes. The emphasis is growing the economy, but citizens must give up their civil liberties. What these regimes do is control the population for the elites. A few people at the top make all the money. The people are slaves to these powerful people and corporations. In practice, most authoritarian regimes shrink their economies.

They rape and pillage their own country’s natural resources and others cheaply. America uses its military to secure oil across the globe for American oil companies. MBS controls the Saudi Arabian oil industry.

Central Banks control the money and when their economies collapse with ill-advised economic planning. The Central Banks bail out those companies transferring the country’s wealth from the people to a few “Too Big to Fail” corporations owned by the elites. In Saudi Arabia, MBS arrested all the wealthy Saudis and put them in the Ritz Carlton. They were not allowed to leave until turning over part of their wealth to MBS.

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