New Zealand Mosque Mass Shooting

“One of New Zealand’s darkest days” Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister

Mosques across New Zealand have closed their doors along with stores and restaurants.

Christchurch New Zealand is in lockdown.

Today at 1:40 pm local time, the worst mass shooting in New Zealand’s history began in Christchurch.

The shooter entered Al Noor mosque. He sprayed bullets at innocent Muslims during Friday prayers before moving to the Linwood mosque.

Out of an estimated 400 Muslims inside the mosques, there were 49 murdered and 48 injured.

Hassan, a 29-year-old Sri Lankan Muslim witnessed the attack from inside the mosque. “The shooter was screaming a lot and waving the gun in every direction, shooting, shooting, shooting … I don’t know who of my friends is dead or alive now. I am waiting. Police told me: ‘I am sorry, this is the first time this has ever happened in this country.’”

Law Enforcement has three suspects in custody including Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian, who Facebook live-streamed driving to a mosque and shooting people inside.

For two years, Brenton planned this premeditated attack.

Brenton’s online manifesto promoted Far Right and anti-immigrant ideology.

Police found explosive devices which have been defused.

The terrorists planned to bomb ambulances transporting the injured.

Police are stationed at significant landmarks around Christchurch.

All the hotels are using private security to protect their guests and staff.

Far Right Ideology

“Right-Wing extremist attack” Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister

Police know Christchurch has a sizeable white supremacist subculture.

The main suspect’s manifesto is 74 pages and called “The Great Replacement.”

The document supports a Far Right and anti-immigrant ideology.

He rants about making “an atmosphere of fear” for Muslims and a future white genocide.

The suspect claims “The origins of my language is European, my culture is European, my political beliefs are European, my philosophical beliefs are European, my identity is European and, most importantly, my blood is European.”

Only one problem, he is Australian!

He describes himself as an ethnonationalist and a fascist.

Themes heard from Far Right personalities such as Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson, Steve Bannon, and others.

He claims that Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik “blessed” the attack during a “brief contact.”

However, there is no proof of contact between the two individuals.

Final Thoughts

The Far Right’s message of hate knows no boundaries.

PM Ardern denounced the Far Right and anti-immigrant ideology saying: “You may have chosen us, but we utterly reject and condemn you.”

“This is not us, this is not New Zealand.” Christchurch supporters outside the Mosque

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