What I Love About America: Free Speech

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Beautiful day driving up Collins Avenue in warm Miami Beach.

Beats brushing snow off the car.

On the day I flew to Miami, it was at freezing in Toronto and 85F when I landed.

Nothing is more inspiring than the warm air and knowing I am protected by the First Amendment.

I understand what Christopher Hitchens felt when he moved from the UK to America.

While in Canada, some of what I wanted to say was restricted for “National Security Reasons.”

For example, I could not go on Canadian media to discuss the Liberal government allowing 117 White Helmets/ISIS fighters into the country without proper vetting.

Toronto Sun picked up the story six months later.

Guess what?

We cannot find 17 of them!

Blood is on Trudeau’s hands of anyone who dies from terrorist attacks perpetrated by these terrorists.

Another example, I authored negative articles about Doug Ford.

Suddenly, I am getting ten calls a day about a “fine” I owe to the Ontario government with no explanation.

Doug Ford, you can take your fine and shove it where…

For the White Helmets story, I had to go on Russian media and have them disseminate the interview to 38 countries.

Canada was not included in the 38 countries.

If Canada was included, I would be writing this article from a prison library.

Several White Helmets were on no-fly lists!

But Trudeau invited and flew them in!

The White Helmets documentary won an Oscar.

Interesting fact: Several lead actors in the documentary could not go to the Oscars.


Because they were members of ISIS and the American government would not give them visas.

What could go wrong?

Hollywood never lies.

Oh wait, Hollywood is fake.

So are the White Helmets.

They are not humanitarians, they are terrorists!

I am in America, the free speech protected country.

The only country on the planet that guarantees free speech.

True, Trump and Obama governments attacked free speech using the judiciary and legislature.

But, for the time being. I can say what I want about Canada with impunity.

No intention of lying.

I intend to show the truth and let the Canadian public decide for themselves.

Since I left Canada, Trudeau included Canada in a multi-country agreement to fight online hate.

I think that is a great idea but not under this agreement.

America refused to take part as it would violate the First Amendment.

In this agreement, the government decides what is hate speech.

If I say something negative about Trudeau’s socks, will I be censored or charged with a hate crime?

Government should never be the arbiter of truth.

And I do not plan to let the government be the source of truth.

That is the purpose of the Fourth Estate!

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