The Border Crisis

The Border is a contentious issue on both sides of the political aisle.

However, it does not affect most Americans on a day-to-day basis.

Unless you consider taking jobs to send the money back to their home country, free healthcare, free education, and creating anchor babies to stay permanently in America.

They receive a work permit in 30 to 90 days allowing them to work until their immigration court hearing which takes two years.

With 100% of border crossers released into the community, people have a right to be concerned.

There are a minor medical evaluation and a USA criminal record check.

It is heartbreaking to see children in cages.

The first disturbing photo of caged children circulated in the mainstream media was under the Obama administration in 2014!

Yes, the Obama administration!

Democrats and Republicans supported this draconian policy.

The caged children were not the American government’s fault.

It was a safety issue.

Outbreaks of severe viruses’ shut down a couple of processing centers.

The fault lays with people smuggling themselves into America who used children that were not their own!

A study came out last week, 30% of children crossing the border were not biologically related to the adult escorting them.

Border crossers used children to help with their asylum claim.

If an American dragged a child across a desert with little to no food or water for days, Child Services removes the child from that adult’s care because it was a dangerous situation for that child.

Why should it be any different for people trying to smuggle themselves into America?

However, it is extremely difficult to process thousands of children every day into foster homes.

The Border Patrol is advertising for migrant care positions.

This new position allows the Border Patrol to focus on enforcement instead of running a daycare.

The latest child who died had the flu when he arrived at the border.

He received medical care; the doctors were unable to save him.

That is not Trump’s fault.

Elizabeth Warren wants a “full accounting” for the deaths of migrant children and Trump held accountable.

The criminal is whoever used that child to cross the border.

This “full accounting” idea is nuts.

But Pocahontas has trouble with reality.

Sorry, Elizabeth Warren has trouble with reality.

I do not agree with caging children unless there are no other workable options.

Any suggestions for workable options?

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