Transgender Sports: An issue of fairness

“No one thinks it’s fair” Connecticut Female Teenage Track Athlete

Going to get heat for this commentary.

But I can take it.

I am a white straight male, which is a terrible thing these days.

Gillette released a new commercial featuring a teenager transitioning from a girl to a boy. (

The father teaches his “son” how to shave.

Gillette sends the wrong message with this commercial.

What happened to a famous football or baseball player endorsing shaving products?

Why is my razor concerned with gender identity?

All I want is a clean shave.

Want to shave and think I can throw a football like Tom Brady.

Not a lecture on transgender rights.

What percentage of Gillette’s customers are transgender?

This commercial is virtue signaling at its finest.

But why?

Is the purpose of this commercial to shock people and get Gillette cheap publicity?

Does Gillette misunderstand alienating 40% of Americans who take part in religions who oppose transgenderism?

Just wait, in a few days major Evangelical Christian leaders will call for a Gillette boycott.

Understand some people feel they were born the wrong gender.

I do not deny that a small percentage of people suffer from gender dysphoria.

Gender Dysphoria was Gender Identity Disorder until 2013.

Why the name change?

Because of the stigma attached to the term “disorder.”

The editor of the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) admits no scientific reason for the change!

But up until recently, there was no way to change genders.

The brain is forming and incapable of making rational decisions until 18 or later.

Which is why we have a different criminal system for those under 18.

Children and teenagers should not be making gender transition decisions while their brain and body are still developing.

The medical community believes transgender treatments harm individuals especially children and teenagers.

We do not know the long-term implications for gender reassignment.

Throughout history, people stayed the gender they were born with.

There has always been effeminate men and women who were “tomboys.”

Transgendered people compete in the opposite sex to which they were born.

For transgendered females, they have greater muscular development and skeletal structure than biological females.

Giving them an unfair advantage in sports versus biological females.

At the NCAA National Track and Field Championships, a transgendered female won the 400m hurdles.

Two transgendered females took the top two spots and set state records in the 100m and 200m races at the Connecticut High School Track and Field Championships.

The Connecticut females felt they were competing for the bronze because they cannot beat the two transgender athletes.

When asked about transgendered female athletes, the response from the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference was “athletes can choose to compete for the sport in which they gender identify with.”

In other words, there will no longer be female sports in Connecticut: only male and co-ed sports.

Allowing transgender females to compete in female sports affects people’s lives directly.

While using a bathroom different from your biological sex does not affect those around you.

Someone who transitioned from male to female has greater muscle mass and stronger skeletal structure.

Creating an unfair advantage against biological females.

But the Left has scared everyone into not speaking up as young females lose to transgender females.

If you do, you are transphobic.

No one was transphobic a decade ago.

Transphobia has nothing to do with it.

It is about fairness.

What about the psychological damage done to young females who worked their whole life in a certain sport and lose to a transgender female?

That female may need an athletic scholarship to attend university, but the second place does not count.

Where will this end?

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