Ford Fest: Doug Ford’s Egomania Fluff Fest

“We have accomplished more in 12 short months than most governments do in their mandate.” Doug Ford

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Welcome to Ford Fest! The restricted access event that’s “For the People!”

The annual Ford family fluff festival where Doug Ford took pictures and praised Faith Goldy last year. He took weeks to issue a statement condemning Faith Goldy and anyone making hateful, anti-Semitic, or racist statements.

This year Markham Fairgrounds had the honour of hosting Doug Ford’s 2000 supporters still drinking his Kool-Aid.

Let’s be honest. This event was not “For the People” but “For Ford” to try and get some positive media coverage. It did not work. The brilliant teacher’s union flew a banner above the event reading “Public Education Cannot Afford Ford.”

Even his cabinet ran for the hills last week after dismal poll numbers showed Doug Ford more unpopular than former Premier Kathleen Wynne. But, the MPP clapping seals attended to fluff up the Premier while secretly crying about their destroyed political reputations and careers. They can join the Liberal Party traitors: Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Never have attendees required to get a ticket in advance. The organizers issued a caveat that anyone can be refused admission.

But how do they know who to deny admission?

Does the Ford regime have a political dissidents list? How Stalin of him!

What’s next?

Reprogramming summer camps?

I know I am on a list circulated amongst Progressive Conservative MPPs to block me on social media and not respond to my media requests. Not to mention the Ford government weaponizing the Ministry of Finance to attack myself and other journalists critical of the Ford regime.

The misnamed “Progressive” Conservative Party and egomaniac Doug Ford were quick to mention the Ontario government did not pay for Ford Fest. However, taxpayers paid for security for all the MPP clapping seals to attend. So, the taxpayers did pay for it!

Doug Ford is for Ford! Not the People!

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One thought on “Ford Fest: Doug Ford’s Egomania Fluff Fest

  1. The tickets weren’t to keep you out, they were to make sure you were added to Dougie’s mailing list, so that they could endlessly solicit you for donations.


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