I Am A Victor Not A Victim

We live in a society where people are more interested in playing the victim card than taking personal responsibility for their lives.

We live in the greatest time in human history. A smartphone puts more technology in our pockets than in the spaceship that put a man on the moon.

What happened to your ancestors is irrelevant to your life. Step up and make something of your life. Stop waiting around for the government to create a program to solve your issue. It might never happen and then what? You wasted your life as a victim instead of becoming a victor over your situation.

Life is not fair. How you deal with the unfairness is what matters.

If you live in such a horrible country. Switch with an Iraqi or Afghan for a couple of months. When you get back, we will see how much you complain about your first-world victim life. Suddenly, no wi-fi on the bus will not be so bad.

There exists a Victim Hierarchy courtesy of the Left. The higher on the list, the greater a victim. Here it is:

Victim Hierarchy

  1. LGBTQ
  2. Blacks
  3. Hispanics
  4. Women
  5. Jews
  6. Asians
  7. White Straight Males

Regardless of intelligence or talent, white straight males go straight to the end of the line or must meet a higher standard. This is insanity. The most qualified person should receive the spot whether it is a job or school admission.

What the Victim Hierarchy does not consider is what happens to someone out of their control.

For example, is there a difference between a woman or Asian male breaking a leg? No, they both have broken legs. Their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, favorite sports team, or favorite musician are irrelevant.

If this is the case with broken legs. Why do we treat education and the workplace differently?

Affirmative Action was meant to help disadvantaged groups, but it does no such thing. However, at the expense of privileged groups. So, everyone loses. Why should a privileged person lose out because they do not fit high enough on the Victim Hierarchy chart?

Who cares where someone is on the Victim Hierarchy when building a bridge? The most qualified person builds the bridge.

Affirmative action does a disservice to disadvantaged students. It will not help when admitted to a school where someone does not meet the same admission standards as privileged students. There are decades of data showing a lower graduation rate amongst affirmative action students compared to the students meeting the regular entry standard. The professors teach to the higher standard and so they should. Disadvantaged students attending colleges where they meet the standard without affirmative action have the same graduation rates as privileged students. Surprise!

“The Supreme Court has never held that affirmative action in admissions should be a generic remediation tool for all past racial injustice…Such an approach is no better than the injustice of segregation-based school admissions” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, a former professor of constitutional law at George Mason University.

The new Adversity Score on the SAT is a joke. The SAT is an aptitude test not an identity politics test. The Left continues to corrupt the college admissions process. They started with affirmative action. Now they have added identity politics to the process.

Students receive an Adversity Score based on 15 adversity factors based on social and economic background. However, the College Board will not reveal the score to the student. The Adversity Score does not include race, but all admissions offices can obtain race through the school’s application form.

This is a troubling situation. It makes it even harder for the best applicant to get the spot. I feel for people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

But math is math regardless of skin color or sexual orientation.

Harvard made major admissions mistakes. First, the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard case. Harvard systematically discriminated against Asians and Whites for admission. Second, admitting transgender activist and reality TV star Jazz Jennings.

In the Students for Fair Admissions case, admitted Asian students SAT scores were 218 points higher than Black admittees. White student SAT scores were 193 points higher than Black admittees. Harvard’s affirmative action criteria must be massive to make up the difference.

On the reality show I Am Jazz, the transgender teen and activist Jazz Jennings fought with her parents about bad grades. How did the elite Harvard accept Jazz? Being a teenage transgender activist is the pinnacle of the Victim Hierarchy.

In my early twenties, I had a major health issue completely out of my control caused by my biology. At one point, my parents were told I might never recover. It took years out of my twenties to convalesce. I completed both a bachelors and post-graduate degree after recovering. I received no special status during the application process. Nowhere on the Victim Hierarchy or SAT Adversity Score does a major health issue show up. I received no extra points towards my admission. I am judged to be privileged regardless of my health issue.

I chose to be a Victor and not a Victim!