Get Rid of Homelessness for Good

Homelessness is a fundamental problem plaguing society because of ineffective government programs. The government thinks it has the solutions. Yet the problem continues to grow regardless of which party gets elected.

The government is the problem and prevents solutions. This article will explain why and offer practical solutions to homelessness.

According to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there were 554,000 homeless people in 2017. A comparably sized city would be Milwaukee.

In 2000, only 4.8% of the homeless population were seniors. By 2030, 24% of the homeless will be seniors. A rise from 5 out of 100 to 1 in 4. What a sad and staggering statistic!


Through the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service, the government owns 640 million acres of land. The government creates artificial scarcity by hoarding this land. The government prevents homesteading on the undeveloped land. We could give a generous 1-acre lot to each homeless person. The government still has 639.4 million acres of land after releasing a small fraction.

This land is the people’s land.

Property Tax

Property taxes prevent home ownership. Even if someone paid off their mortgage, they do not completely own their home. The government charges the homeowner property tax every year to keep their home. If the property taxes are unpaid, the government can seize the house.

Senior Eileen Battisti of Beaver County, Pennsylvania lost her home because she failed to pay $6.30. It was an interest charge added to her account after she paid her property taxes. Beaver County never informed Eileen about the $6.30. The government seized her $280,000 home and sold it for $160,000 in foreclosure.

Beaver County’s top solicitor Joe Askar said, “The county never wants to see anybody lose their home, but at the same time the tax sale law, the tax real estate law, doesn’t give a whole lot of room for error, either.” Seriously Joe? It was $6! No room?

Eileen took Beaver County to court and lost. It is unbelievable Beaver County would kick someone out of their house for $6. Imagine how much money Beaver County spent on legal fees for this case! They could have used the money to help the homeless instead they kicked a senior out of her house that she spent a lifetime paying for!

How sad the government is set up that someone can work hard all their life to pay off their home but end up on the street!


In 2018, Americans gave $410 Billion to charity which exceeds the GDP of countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Greece.

Not only do Americans give their money but also their ingenuity to help solve the homelessness crisis.

Elvis Summer was homeless and understands the challenges of getting off the street. The first challenge is transitional shelter. Elvis decided to build tiny homes in Los Angeles. Helping homeless people get a place to build their new lives. The Los Angeles government did not like Elvis’ tiny homes. They seized the homes and all the possessions inside of them. How progressive of them!

Ninety-year-old Arnold Abbott fed the homeless in south Florida. Instead of receiving commendation from the city for helping to feed the homeless, he was arrested!

What type of police officer arrests a ninety-year-old man feeding the homeless?

In the United Kingdom last year, I gave my left-over dinner to homeless people near where I stayed. I cannot imagine how I would feel arrested for helping another human to not go to bed hungry.

A Maryland church allowed homeless people to sleep in their gym during extreme freezing weather when all the shelters were full. They were fined $12,000 per day.

In San Francisco, Judy Wu decided to help low-income veterans. She took 12 of her properties and converted them into 49 housing units. San Francisco zoned the 12 properties for a maximum of 15 housing units. An $8 Million fine from the city and the units destroyed. Nothing says “let us help low-income veterans” like tearing down their homes. The city said Judy was “taking advantage” of low-income veterans. Really? Their homes bulldozed by the CITY!

Former Akron mayoral candidate and wealthy businessperson Sage Lewis decided to allow the homeless to camp out behind one of his commercial buildings. The city refuses to give him a permit for the homeless to live on his private property!

What type of society is the government creating where charity is discouraged and criminalized?

Final Thoughts

The various levels of government spent tax dollars on fighting against solutions rather than solving the homelessness problem.

Eliminate property tax even if only for seniors. That one policy could prevent seniors from losing their homes. What type of society forces seniors to keep working to pay property tax to stay in their fully paid home?

Government needs to stop interfering when people voluntarily help the homeless. Let private citizens help the homeless by feeding, building housing units, or letting them sleep on their private land. We need a wider definition of charity.

No political party or government can solve homelessness. They had decades to solve it and failed.

It is time for the government to allow private citizens the opportunity to supply workable solutions without penalization. But that would require the government to admit its incompetence in solving homelessness.

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