How To Find Paid Writing Gigs

Medium is a wonderful writing platform. It allows any writer to post their work and get paid without having to get a publication to print and pay you. Unlike a blog where you have to set up advertising or affiliate links, within a few minutes your Medium account is set up, and your first post goes live.

Most writers look at how much they are paid per word. Medium on a per word basis disappoints professional writers financially. This article explores other avenues of compensation for your writing. I only include websites with writing gigs exclusively. I will cover blogging and journalism gigs in separate articles.

So where else can you sell your writing and make better money?


Duotrope is a great option. It costs $5 per month, but it is worth every penny. There are both publishers and agents’ directories. Whether you are pitching articles or books, Duotrope has you covered. You can sort by fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art markets. They have a submission tracker. One cool feature is they interview editors to give an inside look into publications.

In each publication, it tells you what topics, pay scale, styles, submission methods, and the acceptance ratios for articles. For each literary agent, it shows you the audience, styles, topics, and manuscript lengths they are looking for in book proposals. My agent is in Duotrope’s listings.

Each week Duotrope sends out an email newsletter called the Weekly Wire. It includes new listings for paid and unpaid markets, and new literary agents. There’s market news for paid and unpaid markets, and literary agents open to submissions. It lists the upcoming themed deadlines for various publications.


Submittable was the first writing website that I used. There is no cost to use Submittable, but they do have an iOS and Android app for about $6. They list literary magazines, writing contests, fellowships, and publishing presses. Submittable includes both fiction and non-fiction markets.

You can submit your work through Submittable and save cover letter templates. Most literary magazines accept submissions only through Submittable. If you find a publication you want to send to on Duotrope. Most likely they will accept submissions through Submittable. If you are submitting to the premier magazines such as the New Yorker. They won’t be in Submittable.

The search feature allows you to pick between deadlines and no deadlines. For the deadlines, you can put in a date. If you are working on a piece but it won’t be ready for two months. You can drop all the deadlines before the two months. That way, you can tailor your piece towards certain publications. Some literary magazines and writing contests have fees. Submittable lets you search for only no fees if you want to.

Each week Submittable sends out Submishmash Weekly which is an email newsletter. The publishing and creative news includes articles about writing from all over the world. It includes some of the opportunities available in the next few weeks. A Submittable employee recommends a book in each newsletter.

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Other Options

There are a few other options not as useful as Duotrope and Submittable. So, I won’t go in-depth on them.

New Pages lists literary magazines, writing contests, graduate writing programs, calls for submissions, and magazine and book reviews. As far as publishing your own writing. There’s nothing on New Pages that cannot be found on Duotrope and Submittable. New Pages is free to use.

Poets & Writers is a literary magazine. Their website has a ton of cool features about publishing and promoting your writing. Help to find local writing communities, readings, and workshops. They list all the graduate level writing programs. It is a great website but if you want to sell your writing. You won’t find anything on P&W that isn’t on Duotrope or Submittable.

If you are submitting to literary magazines, you should check out The Review Review. They review literary magazines. Surprise! After you find some literary magazines on Duotrope or Submittable that you want to send to. Take a look at the review of the literary magazines on The Review Review. It should help to tailor your cover letter to specific magazines.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of publishing can be quite tricky especially if you are new to it. I hope I have given you some direction.

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