How Taxation Works

I cannot believe I have to write this article. Repeatedly, Conservative politicians say tax increases would eat all a company’s profit.Tax increases would force them into bankruptcy. Newsflash! Companies are taxed on their PROFITS NOT THEIR REVENUES! Companies pay more tax on their profits which reduces money paid to owners and shareholders. The owners and … Continue reading How Taxation Works

Democratic Socialism: A Primer

“The principle that adequate health care should be provided for all, regardless of ability to pay, must be the foundation of any arrangements for financing the Health Service.” Margaret Thatcher (Conservative UK Prime Minister 1979–1990) Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher believed in publicly funded healthcare without user fees. If you were sick, you went to … Continue reading Democratic Socialism: A Primer

Rebel Media: The Alt-Right Windbags

I have lost my only source of unbiased news coverage! Rebel Media co-founder Ezra Levant blocked me on Twitter. Ezra continually hammers the “mainstream media” for censorship. However, Ezra is preventing me from learning the truth from Rebel. Now, where can I get the truth? Not from the CBC or Toronto Star or Globe and … Continue reading Rebel Media: The Alt-Right Windbags

Mayor Faith Goldy

An alt-right commentator could run one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse cities on the planet. The attention-seeking white nationalist Faith Goldy wants to be Toronto’s Mayor. Do not worry; she will not win! Two Nazi candidates will split the fascist vote with her. Fresh off her July 25th (2018) video claiming the Danforth … Continue reading Mayor Faith Goldy

Meghan McCain’s Democratic Socialism Meltdown

Democratic Socialism = Meghan McCain’s Nightmare Inside the Democratic Party, a movement is stirring. In Primaries, the corporate bought Democrats are losing to the democratic socialists. The beginnings of the movement inside the Democratic Party started with populist Bernie Sanders challenging Hilary Clinton in the Presidential Primary. The young rising star is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She … Continue reading Meghan McCain’s Democratic Socialism Meltdown

Trump Baby’s UK Visit: A Reflection

A few days removed from Trump’s insane UK trip after record crowds protested the world’s number one xenophobe. What did Trump accomplish? If degrading a close ally with ad hominem attacks is considered an accomplishment. Trump gets an A! Over 100,000 protestors in the streets of London greeted Trump’s arrival; some estimated up to 250,000 … Continue reading Trump Baby’s UK Visit: A Reflection

Creation Scientists?

7-Day Creation Creationism Young Earth Creationism Old Earth Creationism Divine Creation Creation Science Theistic Evolution Evolutionary Creationism Neo-Creationism Intelligent Design The preceding list attempts to describe how the earth began based on the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis 1. Ever since Charles Darwin posited his evolutionary theory, Christians scrambled to explain Creationism using many … Continue reading Creation Scientists?

Privatize OHIP+

Please consider supporting independent investigative journalism This week, the political nightmare Doug Ford plunged into office. He quickly made his mark on Ontario. Disregarding Ford’s ignorance not understanding the difference between immigrants and refugees. We will focus on privatizing OHIP+. What is OHIP+? In Ontario, children have pharma coverage until 18 years old. There … Continue reading Privatize OHIP+

Evangelicals are Venomous Snakes

Please consider supporting independent investigative journalism In the Beginning, the snake tricks Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in … Continue reading Evangelicals are Venomous Snakes