2017 “Year of the Lie”

This past year is the “Year of the Lie.” The truth is no longer relevant to 35% of the USA population. What matters are Trump’s tweets. They have become the barometer of truth for Trump Supporters. Trump’s Twitter account became the “newspaper of record” instead of the “failing New York Times.” It’s a shame the … Continue reading 2017 “Year of the Lie”

Glad I’m Not an Alabama Abuse Victim

I’m sure glad I’m not an abuse victim anywhere but especially in Alabama. The response from Trump, Republicans, and Evangelicals is scary. Evangelicals were against moral relativism in the past. That was their “thing.” Republicans were the party of “family values” whatever that means. Not anymore! If you’re anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights, and twice kicked off … Continue reading Glad I’m Not an Alabama Abuse Victim